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Hindry House

Pasadena, CA

Designed by architects Alfred and Arthur Heineman, the Hindry House is located in Pasadena’s Prospect Park Historic District. The property was a contributor to the district’s nomination to the National Register of Historic Places, and the house is designated a City of Pasadena Historic Monument. Rehabilitation required thorough research and analysis, and adherence to the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties. The landscape plan sought to balance two historical periods of significance: Arthur Heineman’s original landscape and the 1970s design by Courtland Paul, FASLA, which was centered around an innovative and naturalistic pool. Project objectives were to retain primary character-defining features, correct drainage issues that compromised structural integrity of the house, and create a more resilient plant palette that honors the original palettes and historic spatial relationships. The team documented existing trees and protected and maintained healthy mature specimens. The addition of a dry river feature provides infiltration of roof water and corrects a major drainage issue. The reinterpretation of Paul’s fire feature and a new spa were thoughtfully placed between pool and garage; materials are distinct from, yet complimentary to, the two historical periods. The restoration of the pool and boulder-lined pathways required cataloguing and documenting each stone to ensure accurate reinstallation. Research results are documented in the Hindry House Cultural Landscape Report. The rehabilitation respects the property’s historic character and legacy, while providing its owners with a vision for the next one hundred years with new uses for contemporary living. The Hindry House landscape was recognized with a 2018 City of Pasadena Historic Preservation Award.