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Kun II

Los Angeles, CA

Richard Neutra's 1957 design was the subject of a panel discussion entitled, “Residential Transformation: Revisiting the Modernist House with New Intentions,” at the 2011 American Society of Landscape Architecture Annual Meeting, and also at The Cultural Landscape Foundation / ASLA New York’s “Second Wave of Modernism II: Landscape Complexity and Transformation” held at New York's Museum of Modern Art. A failing slope provided the impetus for taking a fresh look at this iconic property, and LGLA worked in close collaboration with the homeowner throughout the renovation process. The result presents a standard for the current wave of interest in mid-century design and exemplifies LGLA's research-based process, which, in the absence of original landscape plans, included an extensive study of the landscape design for Neutra’s well-documented Tremaine House. A visually quiet foreground allows for focus on panoramic views. Stepped retaining walls preserve usable space and protect the property from future landslides; rough granite boulders and colorful succulents were placed in contrast with the architectural precision of the house.