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Jamie Litton-Lanfranco, Landscape Architect

We are excited to announce that Jamie Litton-Lanfranco has earned her professional landscape architecture license!

An avid traveler, Jamie brings a keen eye and great appreciation for beauty to her work. Since joining LGLA in January 2020, she has used modeling as a catalyst for collaboration, design ideas, and development. Some notable projects Jamie has been involved in are featured here:

The Charlotte and Robert Disney House, Los Angeles, CA:

Walt and Mickey Mouse; garage at Charlotte and Robert Disney House, c. 1920

Currently being restored by Page & Turnbull and Oak Hollow Restoration, the Charlotte and Robert Disney House was the first California home of Walt Disney. It is the original location of the famed garage in which Walt created Mickey Mouse.

LGLA plant palette inspiration images, including screengrabs from Alice in Wonderland

LGLA has been collaborating closely with the owners and project team to create an intimate event garden inspired by the California bungalow architectural style and the original Alice in Wonderland animated movie. Lisa and Jamie drew inspiration from the 1951 film to create a plant palette that is both whimsical and practical, showcasing a diverse selection of bold floral elements and textures.

Sculpture Garden and Custom Pendant Spa, Northern CA:

Jamie has also been instrumental in the re-envisioning of an estate in Northern California that was designed by LGLA fifteen years ago. New owners are looking for a custom refresh which will feature a dynamic sculpture garden and pendant spa with sculptural handrail.

Model showcasing new pool and spa plans with custom handrail

The 3D modeling of custom elements has informed major design decisions by allowing the clients and project team to evaluate the spatial relationships of existing and proposed features and to assess overall design cohesiveness and functionality.

Model showcasing sculpture garden

Hokusai 20 by Jeffery Laudenslager is the focus of a new sculpture garden. Jamie’s modeling was key to envisioning how this piece will interact with existing trees and custom site furniture.

Having received her license, Jamie is looking forward to expanding her knowledge base and exploring her areas of interest, such as California Adobe and Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, food production, designing for climate resilience, upcycling materials and waste reducing design methods.

She would love to hear from you, so please reach out to connect at!



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